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Ms. Plus Size India International

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Maven Ms Plus Size India is dedicated to reshaping societal perceptions surrounding plus-size women by championing their beauty, talent, and inherent value.

Founded with a resolute mission to redefine beauty standards, we firmly believe in the empowerment of all women, regardless of body size.

In 2017, we proudly initiated our inaugural beauty pageant, aimed at celebrating the inner strength and charisma of plus-size women within the Indian demographic. Throughout the years, our unwavering dedication to fostering appreciation and encouragement for all plus-size individuals has been the cornerstone of our endeavors.

While our primary objective has always been to promote beauty beyond conventional norms and prioritize talent over appearance, we spare no effort in ensuring that our contestants receive comprehensive grooming sessions to bring forth their utmost potential.

The culmination of our efforts has yielded a cohort of Plus Size Beauty Queens characterized by self-assurance and a profound sense of self-love. At Maven Ms Plus Size India, we extend a warm invitation to all women, regardless of marital status, to join us on this transformative journey towards self-acceptance and recognition within the glamour industry.