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The Origin

Step into the welcoming realm of Maven Ms Plus Size India International, where beauty knows no bounds.

Maven Ms Plus Size India International was established with the core belief that every woman, irrespective of her body shape or size, deserves to feel confident and embrace her beauty. Over the past six years, we have been dedicated to provide a platform for plus-size women to showcase their talents, beauty, and confidence. Our beauty pageant fosters an inclusive and supportive environment, empowering women to overcome body shaming and self-doubt, and embrace their unique qualities. Last year, we introduced an international category to extend participation opportunities to women outside India.NRI (Non-Resident Indian) women are warmly welcomed to participate in Maven Ms Plus Size India International. Our commitment to inclusivity extends globally, inviting women from all backgrounds to join our empowering community. We cordially invite all plus-size women whether you are in India or abroad to join us in this journey of self-discovery and empowerment. At Maven Ms Plus Size India, you'll find a community of supportive women cheering you on every step of the way. Don't hesitate – rise above self-doubt and body-shaming and become part of something truly special by applying to participate in Maven Ms Plus Size India today! Read More

Eligibility Criteria

  • Registration Fee

    INR 3,000
  • Age

    Above 18
  • Waist Size

    34 inches and above
  • Marital Status

    Any Female
  • Language

    Any ( English, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi etc)

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    The Founder

    Meet the Director behind Maven Ms Plus Size India. Hardeep's path has been one marked by unwavering determination and relentless perseverance. Overcoming obstacles and biases prevalent in the modeling industry, he emerged as a beacon of change, dedicated to fostering inclusivity and body positivity.
    The inception of Maven Ms Plus Size India was catalyzed by Hardeep's own experiences and observations. Recognizing the glaring disparity within an industry that celebrates women yet confines them to stereotypes, he identified the urgent need to champion body diversity. Thus, Maven Ms Plus Size India was born—a groundbreaking platform dedicated to empowering plus-size models and challenging conventional beauty standards. As the youngest fashion show organizer in the industry, Hardeep spearheads a movement aimed at revolutionizing perceptions and eliminating biases against plus-size women. His steadfast commitment to effecting change underscores every endeavor undertaken by Maven Ms Plus Size India.

    In Hardeep's own words, he extends an invitation to all to join in redefining body acceptance: "We're embarking on something extraordinary—a revolution that defies norms and charts its own unique course. Take the step with us and redefine body acceptance through Maven Ms Plus Size India.Together, the team endeavors to continually create opportunities for plus-size women and advocate for a more inclusive fashion landscape.

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    Past Winners

    Winners of 2023

    Winners of 2022

    Winners of 2021

    Winners of 2019

    Winners of 2018

    Winners of 2017

    Guests & Performers

    Vahbiz Dorabjee

    Bollywood actress

    Delnazz Irani

    Bollywood actress

    Satinder Satti

    Punjabi Actress and Singer

    Aman Dhaliwal

    Bollywood and Pollywood Actor

    Mehreen kaleka

    Punjabi Actress

    Bishmber Das

    International Plus Size Model

    Meghna Naidu

    Bollywood Actress

    Vahbiz Dorabjee

    Tv Actress

    Vipul Roy

    Tv Actor

    Amit Khana

    Celebrity Photographer

    Fizah Khan

    Plus size model

    Rohit Verma


    Ashna Bhagwani

    Plus size model

    Meet Our Official Mentors

    Mr. Hardeep Arora

    A renowned fashion choreographer and our founder Mr. Hardeep Arora is an industry expert and pageant coach with over 15 years of experience. He conducts focused grooming sessions and provides contestants with the most valuable insights to use as models.

    He shares his tried-and-tested techniques on how to present yourself on a stage; details of on-stage and backstage etiquette; knowledge about a professional photo shoot, catwalk tips and how to conduct oneself in the industry like a pro.

    Ms. Aman Grewal

    A former Mrs. India Worldwide 2014, Ms. Grewal is also a Certified NLP Life Coach who has helped many people find and adopt the best practices to be more focused on their life goals and motivating them towards achieving them. In her grooming sessions, Ms. Grewal guides the contestants on the best practices that they can adopt to be more focused on their goals and stay motivated towards achieving them.

    The importance of tiny details in how we carry ourselves in our day-to-day life is not common knowledge. Ms. Grewal’s training is aimed at imparting the tools to create the best first impression on anyone in a professional setting and the perfect table manners.

    Ms. Simrat Kathuria.

    A certified dietitian with decades of experience and happy weight loss stories via her company, The Diet Xperts, Ms. Kathuria has introduced many to the world of healthy eating.

    Breaking stereotypes that plus size people are “unfit”, she explains her tried and tested methods of keeping one’s body fit and mind healthy, irrespective of their size. According to her, a healthy diet is the key to achieve all great things in life.

    Ms Rita Gangwani

    A former army lieutenant, she started personality coaching and pageantry after starting her own school, RIGAHAUS, almost 40 years ago.

    She has transformed the lives of many youths helping them achieve the confidence to create their place in the world. Her students, like Manushi Chhillar, make big names in the fashion world and other professions alike.

    Mr. Jatin Khirbat

    Mr. Jatin Khirbat is a highly established model-maker and an official mentor of Maven ms Plus Size India, who has been in the industry for many years. He is known for his vast experience and knowledge of the modelling world and is sought after for his expertise in grooming and training aspiring models.

    Jatin's expertise has made him a crucial figure in the modelling industry, and his guidance is highly valued by contestants who are looking to make a name for themselves in the industry.

    Mr. Amit Khanna

    Mr. Amit Khanna is a talented Indian photographer known for his enchanting and stunning photos that are hard to look away from. He captures moments in a single snapshot that brings the pictures to life. With a long list of celebrity photoshoots to his name, he is also an Official Mentor of Maven Ms Plus Size India Beauty Pageant, a unique beauty contest that celebrates beauty and personality regardless of size, religion, or color.

    Having Amit Khanna as a mentor is an honor for the contestants and the organization, and is a testament to his reputation and skills in photography.

    Mr. Hardeep Arora
    Ms. Aman Grewal
    Ms. Simrat Kathuria
    Ms Rita Gangwani
    Mr. Jatin Khirbat
    Mr. Amit Khanna

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